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December 25, 2019 by Jay Minkin

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 (reprinted from the December 2019 edition of Mimi’s Magazine.  The above slideshow features 50 photographs that touch on just a few of the national touring artists who have been part of the journey.  There were so many more people to mention that newspaper print space didn’t allow … hence referred to as “the usual suspects”. I plan to keep writing at my own discretion on the home landing platform without having to worry about deadlines and content.  So thanks for tagging along on this never ending journey.  I have been humbled by your appreciation over the years and especially comments received since this article ran.)

They say that all good things must end. Call it a night, the party’s over.” —Willie Nelson

In December of 2006, Mitch Allen grilled me for two hours with questions relating to a feature story about my former optical business that would appear in the upcoming edition of Mimi Magazine. He stared at the music memorabilia adorning my office walls, asking me about my passion and involvement at the Rock HOF, 91.3 The Summit, and Lost Highway Records.

Before Mitch left, he asked if I would consider writing a music column for the paper. I told him I had just written something and if he liked it I would keep sending them. Well, that story, “The Best of 2006,” was published in January of 2007 with Mitch dubbing the column “Minkin’s Music.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, the goal of Minkin’s Music was to feature local and national Americana Roots singer/songwriters as well as iconic recordings for your music library with an emphasis on educating the readership.

Mimi helped launch my column into other avenues—most notably the international audience of No Depression magazine.

As my life path has diverted from being a business owner to working as a special education classroom assistant, it’s time to say goodbye.

Special thanks to the following: Mimi’s own Beth Newcomb and Kelli Comer, for designing my stories and uploading them online, proprietors Cindy Barber and Mark Leddy of The Beachland BallroomColleen and Mike Miller of Music Box Supper Club, and Karen James Walters of the G.A.R. Hall, for allowing me access to their venues.

I’m truly humbled by the support over the years from the “usual suspects,” along with the artists I’ve interviewed, my wingman, Dale Elwell, my wife, Ellie Minkin, and the legendary Mimi Vanderhaven.


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